“We want to see more performance from our social ads.”

Maylu got the opportunity to work with Brightline, a privately owned high-speed rail company, for their South Florida expansion. While we were hired to spearhead the strategizing, creation, and implementation of Brightline’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns, our team handled the many intricacies of increasing brand awareness and train ridership.

Working with their in-house marketing team, Maylu took this as a chance to create a healthy and powerful work dynamic that would extend that energy and hard work to yield the success we were striving for. And we did it!

Our primary challenges included scaling ridership as well as bringing brand awareness and value proposition to a community with a heavy car culture. Through collaboration with our client’s team, we were able to ramp up monthly ticket purchases by 310% with a decrease in CPA of 21% year over year.

Satisfied with the results, our client granted us a 3x increase in budget to further grow and continue to activate the company’s most cost-efficient marketing channel with our Instagram and Facebook ads strategy.




Brightline Train Service

What We Did

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Custom Dashboard


Increase in Monthly Ticket Purchases


Decrease in Cost Per Aquisition


Micro-Campaigns Launched

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While our initial challenges focused on brand awareness and increasing ridership, our team also took on auditing the workflow. Due to the nature of Brightline’s business, promotions and events needed to be handled with the utmost efficiency and quality control, in terms of Instagram ads strategy where information and advertisements had to be scheduled and implemented promptly for the approval process.

Collaborating with Brightline’s in-house marketing team allowed us to create an organized and satisfactory marketing plan but truly impact a community with a heavy car driving culture and increase ticket purchases by more than 300%.


While managing brand awareness, our team focused on conversions while implementing a sequence marketing strategy that would capture and motivate potential riders more aggressively through Instagram and Facebook advertisements. The reuse of assets allowed us to reduce turnaround time and push out skillful new campaigns promptly.

We at Maylu held ourselves to a high standard of professional accountability with weekly meetings, templatized status emails, and status report sheets that managed all of the micro-campaigns, keeping our team and the client’s up to date throughout the entire process. All tied in with a customized data visualization dashboard with executive summaries and deep-dives of data.


With a learning period of about three weeks after the initial implementation of changes to their accounts, we saw a decreased cost of ticket purchases -21% year over year and an increase of monthly ticket purchases by +310% over three months. Brightline also increased our scaled budget by 3x with positive ROI over three months.

Our skillful team’s agility, flexibility, and aptitude allowed us to be responsive, and capable of executing over 25 micro-campaigns throughout the year that helped shift the local South Florida community’s perception of travel and commuting by car and the benefits and time saving of Brightline.

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