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As part of a larger marketing team, we engaged with a national healthcare company specialized in physician recruitment and placement. Our team came in as the search ads experts, tasked to strategize, implement and maintain their Google and Bing job recruitment campaigns.

Previously, our client ran a handful of campaigns on Google Ads with minimal spending and even fewer results. Working with their in-house marketing team, we were able to extract lessons learned, vital industry-specific knowledge, and provide new techniques to develop an updated strategy.

Our project encountered several obstacles, from achieving stringent CPA goals to on-demand geolocation updates. In addition to managing their Google Ads and Bing Ads strategies, we provided a custom reporting dashboard, implemented a CRM, and provided a higher converting landing page.

Through collaboration with our client’s marketing team and other channels, we were able to show results from the first month. In our latest quarter, compared to the previous period, we were able to increase physician applications by 164% and reduce CPA by 47%.


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Our client approached us to set up and scale physician recruitment campaigns. We were brought on specifically for Google Ads and Bing Ads Strategy, including Search, Display, and YouTube. Our challenge was to meet strict CPA goals for new applicants on par with existing recruitment efforts.

As a national company, this client presented extra challenges to lead generation, the supply of leads needed to match the demand for open job orders. To optimize ad spend of campaigns, we needed to focus on cities with the most need for applicants. This fast-paced client required a hands-on team, with weekly meetings and daily updates.


Let’s get to work! We started with a basic framework for the structure of the new Google Ads campaign. Included were the following segments: brand search, non-brand search, display prospecting, & display remarketing. We whitelisted the account for the Detailed Demographics Audiences beta program which allowed us to have an extra layer of targeting, including the employment industry and educational level.

We also created a dedicated landing page using Unbounce, allowing us to centralize leads traffic. Using their multivariate testing tools, we optimized conversion rates with data-driven changes. To track and manage the increased influx of leads, our team incorporated a simple CRM for the sales team to use and provide feedback. As the lead volume grew, we migrated the CRM into the Lever platform.


Initially, we ramped up budget steadily over time, increasing ad spend based on performance. Our custom Data Studio reporting allowed us to determine the CPA of qualified leads and their respective Ad Group. In the last quarter, compared to the previous quarter, we were able to increase physician applications by 164% and reduce CPA by 47%.

We accomplished this by focusing on the following:

First, ongoing optimization of creatives and audiences. Finding the right message for the right audience is key. You can start with best practices as a general idea, guiding each update with data from testing.

Second, keyword research optimization. We built out non-branded Ad Groups based on doctor specialty keywords for recruitment. This allowed us to narrow down specialties and tailor ad copy for those specific doctors. Precise targeting empowered us to toggle specialties that were not performing on a regional basis.

Third, maximize for conversion bidding optimization. While changing the bidding strategy to “Maximize Conversions” does not always work, when implemented correctly it works REALLY well, in this case skyrocketing our display campaign volume while keeping performance.

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