You start your day staring at an overwhelming list of tasks and a pile of unread emails. Great. Where do you even start? Follow these 5 core principles to begin your day more like ☀ and less like ? or even worse….?.

  1. Touch base with every aspect of your responsibilities, so you can prevent fires before you have to put them out.
  2. Set timelines for yourself, sometimes it will take less, sometimes it will take more. But setting a time helps you put a cap on how long something should take. Also, it gives you tangible goals that boost your moral (yay! I checked my emails in 30 min).
  3. Incoming messages before tasks, this means you avoid double work if a message changes a task you previously had. Maybe you don’t have to do it anymore, or maybe you have to do something different.
  4. Take breaks! Staring at a computer continuously for more than 20 minutes is damaging to your eyes. Also, this tackles the biggest issue as a new business owner, separate your manager side with your “employee” side. First work on your manager tasks, take a break and clock in to demolish those tasks!
  5. Now, when it’s time to do tasks, focus. Not everyone is available 24/7. If you can tackle clients and communication early, you prevent from being interrupted later on.

My estimated daily schedule:

  1. Check emails – 30 min max – only reply to emails that will take less than a minute, keep unread ones you need to get back to
  2. Check slack messages – 30 min max – quick reply as needed or keep unread ones you need to get back to
  3. Check Account Management Board – 1 hr max – only send out emails less than 15min
  4. Check Asana tasks – 30 min max – add any if needed from steps 1-3, review past due & priority, organize the order to get them done
  5. Take a 10 min break – step away from the computer, breathe, and go back to dive in

Make your own daily schedule with a combination of respecting these core values and testing what works best for you.

Margaret Alvarez

Margaret Alvarez

Co-Founder at maylu, project managing chief, with a passion for meeting deadlines.

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